What cities are using cargo trike’s?



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    Cargo tricycles are not a new invention, and they’ve been used all over the world for decades. The first cargo carrying bicycles to be manufactured in the US were in New York City in 1898, and they’ve been used in the UK for a long time especially to deliver mail. (Watch a movie that’s set in England in the early part of the 20th century and chances are you’ll see a cargo tricycle pass by somewhere in the picture!) The recent revival in interest of this somewhat quaint idea has stressed the eco-friendly nature of human-powered cargo carrying, and there is a considerable subculture that’s sprung up around it. Today cargo tricycles are very popular in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and other European cities, but I predict they’ll continue to catch on pretty much anywhere that bike transport is feasible. It’s all about how compact an area is. Bike messengers are ubiquitous in Manhattan because it’s a feasible means of transport; similarly, those cargo bikes you’ll see in those old movies made sense because most small English towns (and some big cities) were similarly compact and easy to navigate.

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