What is the Chinese name for the three gorges dam?



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    The name translated into Chinese is Changjiang Sanxa Daba. The world’s largest dam, there is a very real concern that it will change the ecosystems of everywhere downriver of it, causing drought, triggering landslides, and cause untold other problems.

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    The Chinese name is Changjiang SanXia Daba or 长江三峡大坝. The first two characters Chang Jiang (长江) is the Chinese name for the Yangtze River. The next two, San Xia (三峡), means Three Gorges and the last two, Daba (大坝), means dam. The words Changjian SanXia Daba are derived from a system called pinyin, which is used to romanize Chinese characters to make it easier for people to learn Mandarin Chinese. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to ask!

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