What is China’s position on reducing greenhouse gas emissions?



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    As the world’s largest producer of greenhosue gas emissions it is important for China to make efforts in reduction. But there are no restrictions and limitation placed on the country so all efforts would have to be voluntary.  At the Copenhagen negotiations Beijing’s representative said China would reduce emissions but would not accept any binding targets. China has been investing heavily in renewable energy sources. China recently invested US$30billion on environmental projects and decreasing emissions.

    To sum up, the position is difficult for them because they are simultaneously the largest producer of renewable energy while being the biggest polluter of carbon emissions. They strive to find a balance between maintaining their industries and innovations while also decreasing emissions.

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    China has always proclaimed itself to be a developing nation, and thus, would not agree to any binding emission reductions. However, at the COP16 climate talks in Cancun, Mexico in 2010, China agreed to make its voluntary carbon emission reduction target binding under a United Nations resolution. 

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