What is a chimaera?



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    I recognize the term from literature. The Chimera is a Greek mythological beast. It is a composite of a serpent, lion, and goat. The beast appeared in ancient writing and the term is used descriptively in more modern writing.

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    The Chimaera is a creature from Greek mythology.  It is said to be a female-goal with a serpent’s tail, a goat’s body and a lion’s head.  She appeared in Homer’s Iliad and Hesiod’s Theogony.  She lived in Lycia where she killed, terrorized and generally wreaked havoc on the neighboring populations before she was ultimately killed by the hero Bellerophon.

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    here’s another great website explaining some of the history and mythology surrounding the chimaera:http://thanasis.com/modern/chimaera.htm

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    I once read a book, which said that a chimaera was a creature that Bellerophon slayed, with the help of Pegasus. However, after the chimaera was killed, Bellerophon was going to travel into space, but Zeus stung Pegasus, and Bellerophon fell and was blinded by the impact.

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    The Chimaera is also a fish. They are also called ghost sharks, ratfish, or rabbit fishes. They belong to the order of Chimaeraformes and there are six species of chimaera. They have a skeleton made of skeleton, no scales, and a long dorsal spine that contains a toxic substance. Chimaera fish can grow up to over 4 feet long.

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