What chemicals does rBGH milk contain that organic milk does not?



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    Recombinant bovine growth hormone, or rBGH, uses somatotropin, a protein hormone found in the pituitary gland of animals, and through biotechnology is manufactured to make cows lactate more and calves grow faster.  17% of cows in the U.S. are given this hormone.  Besides the hormone itself, there isn’t a proven difference between the milk of cows with rBGH versus cows without, including the presence of chemicals.  Still, cows that produce more milk need more feed, so farmers are likely exhausting their soil to produce maximum yield from their crops.  Additionally, more than 20 toxic side effects have been found for cows on rBGH.

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    Well, it contain rBGH, for one. That’s the big one, really. The reason this is gross is intuitive. If the cow consumes a growth hormone, so does the person who eats the cow. This might be one factor in the high obesity rate of dairy-eating Americans. I think your question is really about non-organic cows vs. organic cows. Non-organic cows are treated with antibiotics and growth hormones, and they are fed with pesticide-sprayed and GMO foods. These chemicals are stored in a cows fat cells, and then consumed by whomsoever eats the cow or drinks its milk.

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