What chemicals do they use to make colored glass?



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    The following compounds can change the color of glass:

    iron oxides produces: greens, browns
    manganese oxides produces: deep amber, amethyst
    cobalt oxide produces deep blue
    gold chloride produces: ruby red
    selenium compounds produce: reds
    carbon oxides produces: amber/brown
    mix of mangnese produces: cobalt, iron black
    antimony oxides produce: white
    uranium oxides yellow green (glows!)
    sulfur compounds amber/brown
    copper compounds light blue, red
    tin compounds white
    lead with antimony yellow

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    Typically, metallic salts and oxides are used to color glass. These are added while the glass is in a molten state. “Copper oxides were added to produce green, cobalt for blue, and gold was added to produce red glass. Much modern red glass is produced using ingredients less expensive than gold and giving a brighter red of a more vermilion shade.”

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