What is the chemical makeup of baking powder?



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    Baking powder is usually made up of baking soda (an acid), cream of tartar (a base) and corn starch (a filler). When the baking powder is mixed with water, carbon dioxide bubbles are produced (single action). Sometimes the bubbles are not formed until the powder is heated (double action).

    NaHCO3 + KHC4H4O6 —-> KNaC4H4O6 + H2O + CO2

    For baking powder than includes sodium aluminum sulfate:

    NaAl(SO4)2 + 3 NaHCO3 —-> Al(OH)3 + 2 Na2SO4 + 3 CO2

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    If you normally use a baking powder with aluminum in it, you might want to consider switching to an aluminum-free baking powder. There are a couple reasons for this. Some people prefer to use aluminum-free versions because of the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. Also, some expert bakers say that you can sometimes taste a metallic flavor when eating baked goods that contain baking powder with aluminum. 

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