What is the chemical in dark soda that causes kidney disease?



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    I am both glad and sad that you asked this question, Kristen.  I drink pop a little more than I probably should sometimes, so I was particularly interested in looking into this. 

    It seems as though there are a couple of things that could be contributing to kidney disease.  The first is simply the amount of sugar that you are taking in, but the second part is kind of bizarre.  According to an article from naturalnews.com which cited a study published in a journal called Environmental Health, this study “found that nine of 20 commercial samples of high fructose corn syrup from three manufacturers were contaminated with measurable levels of mercury.” 

    Hope this helps!

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    Phosphoric acid. Researchers claim that this chemical used in colas (and not non-colas) inhibits or removes calcium in the bones and causes kidney stones, renal failure, and other kidney-related disorders. Drinking two or more colas (diet or regular) per day can increase greatly increase this list.

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