What chemical causes the most cancer?



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    There are a variety of chemicals that cause cancer, but I’m not sure that it is possible to determine if there is one super chemical that causes the most cancer. Cancer is so variable and people get it inexplicably sometimes. Free radicals (causing cell damage) and pesticides are quite harmful and would be my guess for the most cancer causing agents, but who knows?

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    There are thouands of chemicals (mostly synthetic) which are known or thought ot be carcinogenic, or cancer causing. Which one is the most carcinogenic is a matter of dosage: the more of it you get, the more likely it is to cause cancer. Most carcinogens are heavily regulated to prevent them from being exposed to people, but there are some quite dangerous chemicals found in household products as well, such as formaledhyde (found in air fresheners) and hydrocarbons in motor oil, to say nothing of poducts like ammonia and bleach, which are not carcinogenic but can cause organ damage if consumed or chemical burns if exposed to the skin. So be careful around the house.

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    I’ve attached a resource with a list of known and probable carcinogens.  As you can see, the list is quite extensive.  However, it’s unlikely that there is one “super compound” that will guarantee the worst form of cancer.

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