What is the cheapest type of biofuel?



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    Good question, Rigo. The answer is wood. About half the world heats its homes and cooks using wood, often gathered from the local areas. This is particularly true in very poor regions of the world where even electricity is scarce. Indeed fuel-wood collection is one of the major causes of deforestation across the world, and also a major greenhouse gas producer, from the particulates and CO2 that burning wood releases into the atmosphere.

    If by “biofuel” you mean transportation fuel made from biological sources, ethanol is probably the cheapest, and certainly the most widespread. About 1.8% of the world’s transport fuel came from biomass sources in 2008, and ethanol was the leading form. Brazil has been particularly adamant at changing over its fleet of cars to ethanol. This has some other environmental effects, such as the massive amounts of agricultural land that is now tied up in biofuel production, which is leading companies to consider other sources–such as biofuels derived from algae.

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    There is a company called Lovecraft Biofuels that specializes in converting diesel Mercedes Benz into vegetable oil cars.  The cars ran off of vegetable oil which can be purchased in large quantities for very little money.  Drivers were even able to get free vegetable oil from restaurants who wanted to dispose of their oils, so it was a great, cheap method of acquiring transportation fuel.

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    The cheapest fuel would be free in an ideal world, and finally we have found one.  That would be used vegetable oil!  Restaurants go through gallons of it a day and normally pay someone to get rid of it if they can’t throw it out themselves.  This makes it exceedingly easy to obtain and very cheap at that.  While it takes a bit of processing and refining, it is still the much cheaper, healthier option for our planet. 

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