What is the cheapest most energy saving fix one can make to an old house?



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    This is a bit of a broad question, but the first thing you can do is properly insulate the house.  Before looking for any new appliances or anything of that nature, make sure your home can keep cool air in when it’s hot outside, and warm air in when it’s cold outside.

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    The best and cheapest way to make your home more energy efficient, especially if it is old is insulation.  Also, replacing drafty windows, and insulating your hot water pipes is very important.  Another less known way and eco-friendly in multiple ways is to plant a lot of trees around your house.  In the summer these trees block the sun from entering your house which keeps it cooler so you don’t have touse as much air conditioning.

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    Of the many cheap and effecient ways to make an old house more eco-friendly, start with lighting. Lighting is simple and will save you money over the long term. Compact Flurescent Light bulbs (CFLs) are most practical, but there are also the brighter and more effecient Light Emmiting Diodes (LED). Also both of these do not radiate so much heat so you will save in cooling costs. 

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    Put on a Sweatshirt and wrap yourself up in a blanket!

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    Great tip on planting trees around the house. That is a new tip for me!

    Personally, instead of looking for a short term solution, a long term one will bring you greater benefit. I suggets for you to properly insulate your old house using Metal SIPs, which utilize metal as the laminate rather than most structural insulated panels that use OSB or other wood derivatives. Metal SIPs also eliminate the problems inherent in wood laminates, such as absorption of moisture and ultimate decay. (further benefits!)

    Yes this is a big project but in the long run, this not only brings your energy bill down, you are also creating a greener home because these metal SIPs are usually recycleable or made with recycled content.

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