What is a cheap grain to grow?



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    Which grain is the cheapest to grow is not an easy question to answer because there are a lot of variables to play with. First of all, your geographic location determines what grains you are even capable of growing. Secondly, the amount of land you have to grow on determines what grain might be more efficient for you to grow. And, lastly, what the grain is being grown for – your household vs. selling on the market – determines what may be a better option. However, based on the brief research I did in trying to find an answer to your question, it seems that wheat is a grain that may be very expensive to grow. It requires a lot of land and equipment and the buying price fluctuates regularly so it is hard to determine what your return may be. On the other hand, a farmer in Arkansas has been growing “reduced-till rice” and found it to be more profitable that rice that requires tilling. He says the benefits of growing “reduced-till rice” are: lower production costs, more profit per acre, less labor, and less wear and tear on equipment (a cost cutter because equipment is expensive to maintain). 

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