What characteristics do lionesses have so they can survive in their environment?



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    How do lionesses survive their environment? By working together!  Lionesses go on group hunts to take down zebras and other large animals of the African grasslands.  And unlike male cubs, who eventually leave the pride, female cubs usually stay with the pride as they grow up. 

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    Lionesses are also built to be effective hunters.Lionesses do the majority of the hunting because they are smaller, swifter and more agile than male lions. They hunt together in groups called prides, which can effectively take down larger prey than what a single lioness can do on her own. Also the social behavior of the pride allows for lions to grow and survive. While some lionesses may hunt, other lionesses stay and take care of the young while the others are away. This social family interaction helps the cubs stay alive and the survival of the pride to go on.

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    Besides the fact that they hunt in packs and sleep most of the day to conserve energy I think they have a wonderful never say die attitude. As they are chasing their prey if they miss 10 straight times they have to believe that on the 11th time they will catch that tasty gazelle or wildebeest.

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