What changes in a liquid when its heated up?



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    When a substance is heated up, all that changes is the state of matter it is in because of the amount of heat the particles contain. For example, if heat is added to water the result is water vapor gas, it evaporates into the air because the particles are so energetic at that point they turn into a gas from liquid. There is a reverse effect also, whereas if you deduct heat from water, the result is ice. the particles become so relaxed and have little energy in them turning the particles into the solid, ice at 32 degrees Farenheit.

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    It’s the average motion of the particles in the substance. In a liquid the molecules are moving around and freely sliding about, whereas in a solid they are secured and rigid (stuck in place)… in a gas they move around even more.


    Temperature is a measurement of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in an object or system “

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