What celebrity does the most for the environment?



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    The famous Leonardo Dicaprio is describes as an “eco all-star” and is a leader of the celebrity eco-movement. Dicaprio recently purchases a green condo in New York City that has fresh filtered air systems, and in-house water treatment facility, low-emission paints and finishes and rotating solar panels. Dicaprio hands down lives the most green of celebrity lives. Stella McCarthey and Natalie Portman both take the cake for the most fashionable eco-friendly stars. Willie Nelson is at the forefront of the eco-friendly movement, known as BioWillie and the father of an alternative fuel movement that has cars smelling like French fries and encouraging communities to go green and rely less on foreign oil.

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    I would say Ed Begley Jr. is one of the most active environmentalists in Hollywood.  He practices and promotes an eco friendly lifestyle, he invests in science and innovation, and he uses his fame and money to encourage other and make the public aware of the need for environmentalism. Check out his site below.

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