What is causing so many animals to become extinct?



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    The reasons animals go extinct are habitat loss, pollution, competition from other species, disease, predators, unregulated or illegal killing, and introduced species.  While some of these are natural reasons and could cause extinction as it naturally occurs so many animals are going extinct due to humans exacerbating these causes.  Extinction rates used to be between 10 and 100 species of animals going extinct a year. Now we are losing 27,000 species a year.  This is mostly due to habitat loss due to human development.  Our increasing population requires more development so more people have places to live.  This means expanding current cities and towns even more as well as building new towns and cities where there once stood natural habitat. To feed these people also requires lots of room for livestock to graze and this requires cutting down forests (most notably the Amazon where millions of species live) and other natural habitats to make room.

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    Climate change is also a factor in why some species of animals are going extinct. For example, the polar bears in the arctics are having a really tough time adapting to the changing climate. Like haydenseder mentioned, loss of habitat is a big influence in animal extinction, and the melting ice in the arctic is leaving the polar bears with no place to go. Pollution also contributes to climate change, so in a way all of these reasons are connected and contributing to species extinction. 

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