What is causing the rise in China’s CO2 emissions?



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    I believe a large cause for China’s rising CO2 emissions is that they have not really been targeted as much of a threat. While North America continues to take most of the heat for rising emissions, China, one of the world’s leading and most developed countries, slips under the radar. Their rapid growth seems to be contributing a large amount of emissions.

    While North America is slowly attempting to produce more efficient technology, China has yet to be told to cease the production of more damaging development.

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    According to the article linked below, one of the reasons for China’s increase in CO2 emissions is, since China is still a developing country, they are rapidly building coal-powered energy plants to keep up with their growing economy and increasing demand for energy. Coal, of course, releases CO2 when burned. However, China is investing extensively in low-carbon technology, and they expect their emissions to peak in 2030, then drop.

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    Burning coal, as sfincher’s answer indicates; China is the largest consumer of coal in the world, with about 3.7 times the amount consumed by the US, and nearly half of all the coal burned in the world. Also dramatic increases in the numbers of cars.

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