What is causing the recent increase in giant jellyfish, and why does this pose a threat?



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    There are a few scientific theories as to the reason for this sudden increase in numbers, and most of them point to pollution, overfishing and a warming ocean. The human species and its advanced technology have been dumping waste into our seas for decades, and the time may have come to pay the piper. Huge jellyfish have recently been documented in unprecedented numbers in many locations and the results have been disastrous for fishing and other ocean uses. A ten ton fishing trawler capsized off the coast of Japan when its crew tried to haul in a net full of giant jellyfish. These monster-like creatures weigh up to 450 pounds and travel in large packs that are destroying the fishing industry in many locations. This almost sounds like a science fiction story, but unfortunately it is not. Smaller jellyfish have also been showing up in record setting numbers in many locations, and their presence is causing many problems. The tentacles often carry a toxic venom that causes very painful stings, and can sometimes cause death. Popular swimming beaches have become extremely dangerous, and numerous other problems have wreaked havoc on local economies.

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