What is causing Great Whites to disappear?



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    It appears the great white is mainly being taken out by humans.  Their teeth and jaws can sell for thousands of dollars according to an NPR article.  Their numbers will be watched, and trade of great white parts may be banned completely if they continue to decline. The official status of the great white is vulnerable.

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    Well, one reason is that their food supply is dwindling, which obviously causes their numbers to dwindle as well.  Overfishing and nautical degradation is causing many species’ numbers to start lowering (such as Tuna, which is a food source of Great Whites) 

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    the vast amounts of overfishing going on throughout the world is why shark populations are decreasing. Marine life in general is decreasing which in turn means that the food that these ancient predators have thrived on is decreasing as well.

    along with the food they eat, the overfishing of these predators has lead to a sudden uprising of species they prey on. causing an abundance of skates, rays and smaller sharks, which are steadily devastating populations of shellfish, including scallops, oysters and clams.

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