What is causing the glaciers around the world to melt so quickly?



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    According to Professor Andrew Fountain, glacier melting is caused mostly by warmer sea temps and pooling of water on top of glaciers.  When the water on top of a glacier gets into the crevasses, it can split the ice shelves, making the glacier slide faster.

    The USGS does extensive monitoring of glacier levels.  My husband is actually going next week with a team to measure levels at the South Cascade Glacier.  There is no doubt that this particular glacier has melted significantly since 1928.

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    Glacier melting is a normal phenomenon, however, you are right to say that they have been melting a too quickly- faster than they can be replenished by snow.  The prime culprit is global warming, which is thought to have been brought about by human activity and industrialization.  Fast melting glaciers create complications in the Earth’s thermohaline circulation and will also facilitate a rise in sea level, which will flood costal areas.  

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