What causes warts?



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    Warts are skin growths caused by a non-cancerous virus that causes keratin to grow too fast. Keratin is a protein in the top layer of skin — the epidermis — so when it grows too fast, the growths appear. You are more susceptible to this virus (human papilloma virus) when skin is damaged or rough, or comes into close contact with rough surfaces. 

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    The HPV (human papillomavirus) causes warts. Warts are an infection in the epidermis that causes keratin to grow too fast. Certain forms of HPV are more likely to cause skin warts while others are more likely to cause genital warts. Warts are more likely to happen if the virus comes into contact with skin that is damaged or cut, like the beard area for men or legs for women.

    If you have a wart, it means you came in contact with a strain of HPV sometime in the past, even if it was months ago. You can get warts from direct contact with other people or through objects that someone with a wart has used.


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