What causes us to yawn?



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    Well truthfully, yawning is still not very well understood. We know what physically happens when we yawn. For instance, we open our mouths, lowering our jaw in order to inhale air into our lungs to it’s full capacity. However, its function–the big WHY–is still a phenomenon. That doesn’t mean we do not get occasional scientific theories here and there explaining this very question.

    It was once thought to be an involuntary action to replenish our oxygen supply to our blood cells. ABC, reports that scientists have a new explanation. Yawning cools the brain. Scientists say that the brain needs to be cool in order to function properly, and yawning offers the solution.

    So the next time someone yawns when you are having a “heart to heart” conversation, take it as a compliment that his body is attempting to become more alert.

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    A common theory is that yawning helps get rid of excess carbon dioxide in our bodies. However, this was tested and found to have little scientific merit. One study found that placing subjects in environments containing different amounts of oxygen or CO2 didn’t change how much they yawned. Another theory is that it is left over from our past when we may have bared our teeth as an intimidation method.

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    Yawning occurs during exercise which helps support the idea that your body is attempting to draw in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. With that in mind yawning also seems to be a contagious sociophenomenon. Yawning occurs in many animals, but contagous yawning has only been seen in humans, chimpanzees and abd sometimes dogs.

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