What causes the tide to turn red?



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    Red Tide is a term referring to the outbreak of toxic and microscopic plankton.  Given certain water conditions these microorganisms can thrive which will give the water a brown, green or red color.  The factors that come into play to create Red Tide include water surface temperature, salinity, the nutrient content, and the activity of the tides.  Red Tide is explored much further in the attached link.

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    Red tides are a phenomenon caused by algal blooms, and scientists prefer to use the term harmful algal blooms (HABs) for this occurrence. When algae becomes too abundant or produce toxins, they can become harmful. Unnatural abundance of algae causes them to form mats in the water, which blocks sunlight and depletes the water of oxygen, leading to fish kills. Blooms can be anywhere from green to brown to reddish orange to the human eye.

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    Red tides are giant, and sometimes toxic, blooms of algae.  Usually, scientists distinguish the toxic from the nontoxic by denoting the former as harmful algal blooms.  These blooms often cause significant damage by killing fish and poisoning tiny organisms such as bacteria and clams.  Red tides appear in bays and oceans worldwide, but not all of them are harmful.

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