What causes someone to scar easily?



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    Genetics, mainly. Some people are just born with the set of genes that tells their body to scar up over ever scratch and bite. There are some pretty scary sounding genetic diseases out there (like “Type VI Ehlers-Danlos syndrome”) that have scaring easily as a symptom, but it’s rarely a vary dangerous disorder.

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    There are several factors that can contribute to someone scarring more easily than another.  Things such as wound location, poor nutrition, skin coloration, and age can determine occurence of a scar forming.  Additionally, it has been found that people with darker skin can be more prone to keloids (an excess growth of scar tissue around a healed wound) than those with lighter skin.  Finally, if a wound is treated improperly or is continually injured, a scar would more likely occur.

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    Sunlight is a major factor in bad scarring. Scarred skin is more sensitive to sunlight than normal skin. Wear sunblock on the scar for 12-18 months after injury to reduce the mark. A wide brimmed hat works well (also paired with sunblock) if the scar is on your face. Also, Vitamin E Oil, anti inflammatory drugs, and anti-histamines will help deduce the appearance of scars. 

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