What causes sleep walking?



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    Sleepwalking, somnambulism, parasomnia – its diagnosis has a lot to do with how old you are, according to most of the things I’ve read.  It’s much more common in juveniles, and can be caused by something as simple as fatigue or anxiety.  In adults, sleepwalking is much less common and can be caused by actual, serious medical conditions or reactions to drugs/alcohol.  In seniors, sleepwalking is typically caused by brain disorders or syndromes.

    Did you know?  Sleepwalking is more common in identical twins.

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    Additionally there has also been a genetic tendency noted in sleepwalkers.  So if you do “the zombie” in the middle of night, your kids have a greater chance of doing it to than if you haven’t.  Sleep deprivation can also lead to more irregular sleep patterns and, in some cases, sleep walking.

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