What causes skin cancer?



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    All light is actually a form of radiation called electromagnetic waves.  Actually, the human eye can only see a small percentage of electromagnetic waves at a certain range of wavelengths (sizes), and we call that range “Visible Light”.  Infra-red light is made up of electromagnetic waves with a slightly larger wavelength than red light, which is what gives sunlight the warm sensation.  Smaller waves, like Ultraviolet (UV) and X-rays, are very energetic, and can actually cause damage to your skin cells if you are exposed to a high concentration of them.  This is because, believe it or not, light has momentum.  This momentum is the principle solar panels work on, and if a light wave collides with your skin cell, it can cause damage like a pebble slamming into your windshield on the highway.  A sunburn is evidence of damage to your skin cells from exposure to light with small wavelengths.  Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to UV light can actually cause damage to the DNA of your skin cells.  If that happens, that damaged cell might begin to replicate itself, which can become cancer.

    An interesting fact is that it is possible to get a great and really fast tan from X-rays, because of their high energy and tiny wavelength.  However, I would not recommend trying this!

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    The main cause is due to overexposure to ultraviolet light, which damages the DNA in the skin, causing it to turn malignant, and multiply infinitely.  Sometimes it is hereditary – especially in those with fair skin.  So make sure to lather on the sunscreen!

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    Overexposure of the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer, but all sorts of carcinogens enter our body and could be potential catalysts for the disease. From smoking to the water we drink, most aspects of our environment are harmful in regards to skin diseases. However, if identified early enough in mutation, this cancer is eaily preventable. Hope I helped and have a green day!

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