What causes a sinkhole?



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    Sinkholes are created by the removal of soil and/or bedrock by water. They vary in size from less than a meter to several hundred meters. They have been used for centuries to get rid of waste, with their own environmental consequences of pollution of groundwater resources and sinkholes have also been used religiously for precious items or sacrifices. Sinkholes can also be created when rainwater leaks through pavement and carries dirt into a ruptured sewer pipe, which can be very costly to repair.

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    Typical things that cause sinkholes are: a decline in water levels-droughts or groundwater pumping; disturbance of the soil; point-source of water-leaking water/sewer pipes/injection of water; concentration of water flow-storm water drains; heavy impoundments-basins, ponds, dams; heavy loads on surface; and vibration.
    Even excess water can cause multiple sinkholes.

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