What causes the pink birthmarks on humans?



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    Pink birthmarks are vascular birthmarks and are not hereditary or due to birth complications.  One in ten babies have vascular birthmarks that appear in the first few weeks of life.  Pink birthmarks are pink due to the increased number of blood vessels under the skin.  What causes these however, is unknown.

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    There are many types and colors of birthmarks. Pink or otherwise, they are the either the result of excess pigment in the affected area or they are due to abnormal blood vessel development.

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    I think what you might be referring to are cherry angiomas aka cherry hemangioma aka Campbell De Morgan spots aka Senile angiomas (benign tumor). They are the most common type of angioma and their frequency increases with age. They are usually harmless, but can be a sign of developing internal malignancy (if sudden apprearance of many) .

     They are made up of capillaries at the surface of the skin. When they develop, they are as small as tenth of a mllimeter in diameter, but they grow to centimeter or more. The small round dome that they are is called a “papule”.

    According to wiki, we do not know the cause, because of lack of interest.We do know that mustard gas, 2-butoxyethanol, bromides and cyclosporine can cause cherry blossoms.

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