What causes a pine tree to lose its needles?



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    Without knowing more information, I can only make a guess as to the problem. There could be numerous reasons why your pine tree is losing its needles. These include; 1. Brown Spot Disease, 2. Needle cast Disease, and Needle blight Disease. You should also consider the fact that Deciduous trees, such as Loblolly and Slash pines, actually lose their leaves in the fall.  

    Needle Blight


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    Disease is a leading cause as to why pine trees would loose their needles.  If you live in a hot, dry climate, it could have been the weather that finally killed it.  I know of several pine trees planted on a farm in Texas that eventually died because of draught.  If yours is a particularly large tree, hinting that it is old, perhaps it is just finishing its life cycle.

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    Evergreens lose a moderate percentage of their needles yearly, shedding the oldest needles or leaves every fall.  Needle loss varies from year to year and from tree to tree, with some trees losing a very noticeable amount of needles and other trees appearing to lose none.

    In general, needle loss should be no reason for concern unless the foliage is turning from green to brown on the the outer part of the limb while remaining green on the inner part, or if the tree is only losing needles on its lower limbs.  This may be a sign of disease or environmental stress, like high temperatures or drought.

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