What causes people to lose their hair?



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    There are many ways people can lose their hair.  For men, “male-pattern baldness” is the most common. This is caused by heredity, and men with these genes begin to lose their hair at an early age.  

    The stress of an illness or surgery can cause sudden hair loss as well.  This is temporary, and the hair will begin to grow back at a normal rate once you are fully recovered.  

    In women, hormones play a large roll in hair loss.  For example, after the birth of a baby, many women experience hair loss.  This is due to the high level of hormones during the pregnancy that prevented normal hair loss. After the pregnancy, these hormones decrease, and many women lose some hair.  

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    Some causes of hair loss include:

    • male pattern baldness
    • chemicals
    • trauma
    • stress
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