What causes the moon to change different colors?



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    Actually, the moon doesn’t change color, but we do see it as different colors sometimes. This is beause of the particles in the air and how the light reflects off of those particles. This varies at different times of the year.

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    The moon can be seen in a variety of about three colors, though the physical moon itself does not change color. The first is of course the normal whitish-grey that we are all used to seeing at night or through our telescopes. The second is a yellow-orange color that can appear at night sometimes due to dust or smog particles in the atmosphere that make our view of the moon look as such; this is typically known as the “harvest moon” as it has been commonly seen in the autumn months when farmers would harvest their crops. The final color is a dark orange or red color, which is the result of a rare but beautiful lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is when the Earth overshadows the moon from the Sun, much in the same way the moon casts a shadow on the Earth during a solar eclipse. The difference is that the Earth sits in such a way that our atmosphere is used as a prism that breaks down the sun’s light, and the infrared rays appear visually upon the moon’s surface instead of simply blocking the sun’s light.

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