What causes mold spores?



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    Mold spores can be carried by air currents. For mold to grow, there must be a source of water (humidity counts), a source of food, and the possibility for sustained growth. Spores need three things to grow into mold: nutrients, moisture, and time for growth.

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    Spores are how molds reproduce. When there is a lot of moisture and food around that is how mold is produced.

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    Mold spores are transmitted through the air, sent out by mold to reproduce. They continually float through the air indoors and outdoors until they land on damp, organic material. If suitable, the spores will begin to grow and eat the material they have landed on (wood, paper, carpet, rubber, etc.). Different molds prefer different temperatures, but humidity is a huge factor is mold growth. They also prefer poorly ventilated areas without a lot of air movement to inhibit their growth.

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