What causes land degradation?



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    Causes of land degradation include: deforestation, overexploitation for fuelwood, overgrazing, agricultural activities and industrialization. Overgrazing seems to be one of the largest contributors to land degradation, as shown in the website provided below.

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    There are a number of different causes of land degradation, ranging from deforestation and overgrazing to industrialization and exploitation. Deforestation and overgrazing both expose land to the elements and remove anchoring factors like plant roots and cover that prevent erosion. In some areas, drought in conjunction with any of these causes can make the degradation much more profound, resulting in dust storms and other erosion-related problems. Another major cause is using the land for fuelwood, in which people cut down trees in order to burn them for food fires or heating. As naturally occurring forests are destroyed, the land becomes exposed and vulnerable and becomes degraded.

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    Other causes include soil erosion, from water and/or wind, desertification, and chemical degradation (from acidification, salinization, and leaching) and physcial degradation (crusting, compaction, and hard-setting). 

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    Land degradation is caused by soil erosion, deforestation, waste dumping, greenhouse  emissions, as well as other causes. Anything that could possibly affect or degrade the ecosystem in a given area can be a cause of land degradation, and even humans are directly affected. According to the link below, almost 1.5 billion people depend directly on land that has been degradation.

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