What causes an ice age?



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    Changes in solar radiation are a primary component in climactic variation.  Snow that builds up in the winter usually melts during the summer.  Ice sheets form when the summer is cold and not all the snow melts, but instead builds upon itself year to year.  This happens when the axis of the earth is tilted in such a way to create a cold summer based on limited solar radiation.

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    Scientists aren’t exactly sure; it is probably a combination of things like solar radiation output, how far the earth is from the sun, the position and height of the continents, ocean circulation and weather patterns, and the composition of the atmosphere.  We are technically in an ice age right now.  We are between glacial periods, and what we think of as the Ice Age was about 20,000 years ago because temperatures were at their lowest.

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    Two of several previous answers in the link.

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