What causes hybrid species to evolve?



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    Changes in the environment challenges animals to survive in the wild. When changes occur, animals will have to learn how to adpat, therefore animals will have to compete against each other for survival of the fittest. When that particular animal wins and survives in the animal; overtime they will evolve and have babies so they can adapt in the wild.

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    Following jchang14’s explanation …

    One of the annoying things about the “Darwin Awards” is that they have nothing to do with Darwinism. Darwinism is about how whole species evolve over time to adapt to circumstances. The Darwin Awards are about an individual making a bad decision, often in an unusual situation that has little to do with the overall survivability of the human species.

    Anyhow, getting back to the question, another way to answer it is that given the way animals reproduce — mixing DNA from two parents — there’s no way to avoid evolution. At least until recently. Cloning stops the natural evolutionary process.

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