What causes human gas?



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    Most foods to varying degrees, but especially pulses (lentils, beans, et cetera), onions, garlic, dairy, root vegetables, and all starches except rice.

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    Gas is probably more common than people think as most people pass gas/ fart/let one loose (whatever your preferred name for it is) an average of 15 times a day. 

    Gas comes from the food we eat as laurelsierra said.  When the body breaks down the food we ingest using its natural process of digestion (with the aid of bacteria), it sometimes leaves remnants behind as the stomach and small intenstine don’t always fully digest every bit of food that enters the body.  Undigested food (usually carbohydrates) pass through the large intestine where it gets broken down by all the bacteria that lives there.  This process causes gas to be released and eventually passed through the anus (or in the form of a burp, through the mouth).

    Gas can also come from the tiny amount of air we inhale while we’re eating.  The faster you eat or drink, the more air you will inhale.  When you smoke, chew gum or suck on hard candies you will take in more gas causing air than necessary.  Wearing loose fitting dentures or enjoying carbonated/fizzy drinks will also lead to ingesting additional air.

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