What causes a hernia?



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    A hernia occurs when an organ or part of an organ protrudes through a weak point in the muscular walls of the abdomen.  There are many types of hernias and many of them have no obvious cause.  Sometimes, heavy lifting can cause a rip in the muscles of the abdominal wall.  They can also occur in babies and  young children if the abdominal wall does not close and form fully before birth.

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    Hernias are caused by strain or pressure on the abdomen or a weak muscle.  A few causes are:

    Obesity – lack of exercise weakens muscles and increases pressure on these weak muscles and the abdomen.

    Heavy lifting

    Severe coughing – can put a lot of pressure on the abdomen

    Bowel movements or dyschzia

    Pre-existing health conditions – pregnancy, ascites (fluid in the abdominal cavity), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate), congenitive diseases that weaken the muscles

    There are different kinds of hernias and thus many different causes, some preventable and some not.

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    A hernia is when “the contents of a body cavity bulge out of the area where they are normally contained.” It is usually used to describe a hernia in the torso, where the intestines or abdominal fatty tissue are the bulging contents. Some hernias are a result of fetal development, and a person is born with an abdominal hernia or is more likely to experience one later in life. Many, however, happen later as a result of increased pressure on the certain body cavity. Obesity, intense coughing, excessive heavy lifting, chronic lung disease, straining during a bowel movement or urination, and  fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity could all create this increased pressure. Additionally, family history could play a role in the likelihood of developing a hernia.

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    In many cases hernia develop when pressure in the compartment part is increased and the boundary is weak or weakened.Weakening in the containing parts is usually congenital and increases with age.There are many other conditions that increase pressure in the abdomen such are the cases like pregnancy.

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