What causes gray hair?



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    Scientists have recently discovered that gray hair is caused by a build up of hydrogen peroxide in hair.  Hydrogen peroxide builds up naturally in our hair and skin, but our body produces an enzyme called catalase to break down the hydrogen peroxide.  However, as we age, production of the enzyme slows and eventually stops.  Nothing is there to break down the hydrogen peroxide, and as it builds up in our hair we go gray.

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    It is thought that gray hair is strictly hereditary. Some people gray earlier in their lives. If this is the case then it is likely his/her parents did also. The hypothesis as to why graying actually occurs proposed by Harvard scientist’s states that the melanocyte stem cells stop producing melanocytes. This causes a decrease in the production of melanin, which causes the pigments in our hair. Recent studies also show that gray hair is actually transparent, and it appears gray with a darker background to our naked eye.

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