What causes gravity?



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    Gravity is an strong force between objects. It is one of the fundamental interactions caused in nature and to this day is still being studied to be better understood. Essentially, objects with more mass will experience a stronger attraction to each other.  The farther away these objects are from each other, the less they will be attracted to each other. Modern physics explain gravity as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime which governs the motion of inertial objects.

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    Gravity is a natural force of attraction that occurs between any two objects in space, according to the formula F = (G)(M1)(M2)/(R^2) where F = the force of attraction, M1 and M2 are the masses of the two respective objects, R is the distance between them, and G is the gravitational constant which amounts to 6.667 x 10^(-11) N(m^2)/(kg^2).  In the case of the Earth’s gravity, objects close to the surface of the Earth that are astronomically smaller than the planet Earth accelerate at a rate of 9.81 meters per seconds squared due to gravity.  When you jump off a diving board, technically the planet is being pulled toward your body with the same amount of force as your body is being pulled toward the planet.  As far as what causes it, gravity is said to be a result of the acceleration of ‘dark energy’ which is an elusive concept referring to energy in the universe without mass.  All objects in space experience a gravitational pull, however small, between all other objects.

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