What causes gravity on earth?



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    The cause of gravity is still today one of the biggest mysteries of the universe. Scientists have been able to study what it does and it’s properties, and we have rules like the Theory of Relativity that define how it affects planets and stars. Scientists are on a quest for “gravitons,” or theoretical particles that pull matter together but they are just too small and/or too weak and gravity may even be in some other form all together.

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    Well, you’ve asked a question about one of the greatest mysteries of our time. Gravity is everywhere and affects everything that we do, and yet we do not see or understand it. First, Newton realized that the force of gravity  causes things to orbit one another based on the size of the objects and their distance from each other. Einstein took it a step further. He imagined the universe as a sheet, with objects of higher mass making “dimples” in the sheet, causing smaller objects to roll or “fall” towards them in orbit. In an age of quantum mechanics, physicists need even more nuanced ways of approaching the question, but is indeed still a huge mystery.

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    There are many theories that explain this phenomenon, but they all come closer to explaining its function rather that its cause. Gravity is essentially created by every particle that has inertial mass, the force applied to each particle being directly proportionate to product of their mass. This is the general theory from Newton’s empirical (scientific method) observations. Since the earth is an enormous mass, it creates a gravitational pull. This is again explaining the function of gravity. There exist other theories, such as the String Theory which attempt to understand the true nature of gravity.

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    Uniontera poem _ type A

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    Uniontera number 2, hope it helps. This is your so-called gravity.


    Existence is the time expressed by light itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN1jTwHUC7E

    1. When same times met … Arrow A (Cause of Laser / Origin of Death / Reason of Chemical reaction)
    2. When different times met … Arrow B (This is your so-called “Gravity” / Cause of Higgs boson / Origin of Life / Reason of Biological reaction)
    3. The rose line is the beginning light. (result from Genesis 1:3)
    4. The existence of different time. (result from relativity of light)
    5. 2 dimension is not a space. (result from 2-axis, math)
    6. Universe came from nothing. (result from No.5 / cf. Playing with bubbles)
    6-1. A barrier[posititon] exist between the inner and outer bubbles. But universe do not have that barrier. (Cause of Inertia / Reason of Sun / Position of Antimatter / Origin of Fire / cf. Expansion, Conservation of parity, Time-reversal invariance)
    6-2. Nothing is not a no existence. No existence is a zero dimension. There is two zero dimension. One has a position. The other doesn’t have a position. These different positions were connected by something. That “something” is not a what but a way. (Cause of Light / cf. Ether)
    7. Progress / Event / Probability is a time. (This is my trinity.)
    8. Wave-particle duality of light, creation & evolution, uncertainty principle, etc. (result from No.7)
    9. Coalescing of different times. (Cause of Rotation & Spin / Equator has plenty of time. / Origin of Colour / Reason of Reflection / cf. Strong interaction)
    10. Your so-called “Black hole” is a wholly condensed time. (cf. Kerr spacetime)
    11. The reason of your so-called “Magnetic field”. (result from step3 and 4)
    11-1. The reason of your so-called “Dark matter”. (result from step3 to 4 / Energy-Mass duality / cf. Dark energy “step4 to 3”)
    12. The reason of your so-called “Electric field”. (result from the crack of time / Same time’s crack is a different time’s connection. / Cause of Static electricity)
    13. Your so-called “Space” is a crack of time. (result from No.12 / Cause of Lightning / Reason of Refraction / cf. Weak interaction)
    13-1. The reason of your so-called “Capture & Decay”. (result from No.13’s crack of time / cf. Violation of time-reversal invariance)
    13-2. The reason of No.6-2’s “position & none position”. (result from No13-1’s “capture & decay”)
    13-3. The reason of No.13’s space. (result from No.13-2’s “position & none position” / cf. Noneconservation of parity)
    14. Boundary is a crack of space. (result from No.13 / Same space’s crack is a different time’s contact. / Cause of Superfluid / cf. Fractal)
    15. Boundary is nothing. Your so-called “Hole” is a boundary itself. Also, nothing is K=0 temperature. (result from No.14 / cf. Calabi-Yau, Hilbert space)
    16. This is a wall of your so-called “Fire”. (result from No.15) – copyright ⓒ uniontera

    Our nonsense has come from one time. Uniontera is a key.

    English is not my first language, sorry!

    If it is difficult to understand, just remember & enjoy “Hand touching everything is a time”. This is the only one result of uniontera.

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