What causes gravity on earth?



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    This is a question so often asked yet never answers. Scientists simply do not know for sure. It is incredibly elusive, inconsistent, and something that does not seem to follow any known models.  It is indeed a great mystery of science.

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    All mass has gravity. Every single object in the Universe is attracted to every other object. Because Earth has so much more mass than any other object nearby, we are pulled down to it. The Sun has enough gravity to pull Earth into an orbit around it, but we are not pulled into the Sun because it is so much further away than Earth is.

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    If you scattered a bunch of marbles around a trampoline, then stepped on it, all the marbles would roll toward your feet.  If you imagine the universe as a trampoline, you can imagine anything that consists of matter as something that pushes down on a point on the trampoline.  The trampoline in this example is called by scientists “the fabric of spacetime” or just “spacetime”.  Anything with matter qualitatively creates an indentation in spacetime, and the more massive the object is, the deeper its indentation.  Also, the smaller (more compact) the object, the deeper its indentation will be.  The earth creates an indentation in spacetime, and thus we “roll” towards it, like marbles. 

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