What causes the frequency of hurricanes in the Atlantic?



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    “The two essential ingredients in every hurricane are warm water and moist warm air. That’s why hurricanes begin in the tropics” (1st link). They start as thunderstorms off the west coast of Africa, where the water and air is warm and wet. Dust from the cattle and deserts also adds to the storm. The storms start when wet, warm air off the ocean rises (because hot air rises) and hits the colder air up high. They converge and create rain clouds. Then there is almost a suction created as the cold rain clouds get warmed up and this causes even more wet, warm ocean air to rise. “This continuing heat exchange creates a wind pattern that spirals around a relatively calm center, or eye, like water swirling down a drain.” This cycle speeds up and causes high wind speeds. It builds and builds until it becomes a hurricane. To read more, check out the link. 

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