What causes the dew on the grass in the morning?



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    Merriam-Webster is good on this: Dew is “moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies especially at night”.

    That includes all surfaces: cars, grass, clothes you left out to dry overnight, by mistake.

    Why it’s particularly noticable on plants probably has a couple explanations. Many plants are designed to shed water: After they get what they need, any more gets in the way. This effect is very noticable on some tropical plants leaves, which are mostly dry a few seconds after a gust of rain hits them. In wet weather, grass gets more moisture than it needs. Most of the grass is dryish, and just a little moisture is left that’s about to fall off. The other part of the explanation has to do with where moisture collects on certain shapes. On grass, it collects in easily visible droplets.

    An interesting aspect to this whole topic of being water repellent is that recent studies have only just discovered how it is the texture of the surface of plants are so incredibly good at repelling moisture they don’t need.

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