What causes crop circles?



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    I have looked into this quite a bit and unfortunately there is no clear answer.  The best natural explanation that I have heard, is that it is somehow caused by electromagnetism destroying plant stems at the ground level.  This reason has some credibility to it because fluctuations in the magnetic field have been observed in crop circles.  However, it still does not explain the intricate patterning.  The other explanation is that they are human caused.  However this explanation would take a highly motivated force involving hundreds of people working all night.  However, it could be accomplished by a couple dozen people with a machine designed for this purpose.  I tend to think that it is human caused because these patterns do not occur in natural fields or forests anywhere else on earth.  There would have to be something very unique about the land that crop circles occur.  So far there is no such finding.

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    Aliens…..or at least that’s what my boyfriend and a lot of other people hope.  

    I’d like to think it’s someone who has amazing powers for manipulating electric magnetic energy.  How did Edward Leedskalnin build Coral castle out of several ton stone and then move it ten miles without ever using machinery?  No one still knows. The world still has lots of mysteries left for us to explore and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few rare people capable of tapping into energy that most of us can’t sense.   

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