What causes color blindness?



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    Color blindness is caused by a genetic deficiency.  It is generally occurs in men because it is an X linked recessive trait.  This means that the gene is on the X chromosome.  Since women have 2 X linked chromosomes, one of the chromosomes can work even if the other one is deficient.  Both of the X chromosomes need to be defunct for a woman to be color blind.  Since men only have one X chromosome, it makes men more susceptible.  About 1 in 10 men have it.

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    Color blindness is most often the result of genetics, where the person is born without all the proper eye pigments needed to see color. Color blindness does not usually mean that the person cannot see any color, it is often just certain colors. About 8% of male population is thought to be colorblind, and less than 1% of the female population. It is more rare, but colorblindness can also be the result of certain diseases or damage to the eye which would affect the perception of color. There is no cure.

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