what causes clouds to grow?



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    Clouds are really just hightly condensed water vapor, so they can grow if more water vapor is present. This also can cause them to shrink or go away completely once the water vapor evaporates.

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    To add on to the above answer, what causes water vapor to condense is the rising air, which cools the water in it (then water vapor) and thus forms clouds. Thus the more air that rises, the bigger the clouds will grow.

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    Clouds develop in any saturated air mass.  Saturation occurs due to a number of atmospheric mechanisms:

    1. Orographic uplift (occurs when air is forced to rise and cool due to terrain features)

    2. Convectional lifting (occurs when there is a sufficient amount of surface heating of the air at the ground surface)

    3. Convergence or frontal lifting (occurs when two air masses converge)

    4. Radiative cooling (occurs when the surface of the Earth loses energy in the form of longwave radiation at night)


    See the link below for further information.

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