What causes the changes between seasons?



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    Season changes are related to the Earth’s axial tilt.  At certain times of the earth’s orbit, different areas are tilted closer to the sun.  The ones tilted closer to the sun are experiencing summer, whereas those farthest away are experiencing winter.  This is why areas that are on opposite sides of the world experience opposite seasons.

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    There is a change in seasons because the earth is sitting at a tilt on its axis (23 degrees). It stays at this angle all the time, but every 35,000 years it switches to tilt the other direction. As the earth rotates around the sun one side of the earth is a little bit closer than the other side, and then it switches. This is why summer and winter in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is different. For half of the year the top half (Northern Hemisphere) is closest to the sun, then for the other half of the year the bottom half (Southern Hemisphere) of the earth is closest to the sun. There are not as distinct of seasons along the equator because it is always at the same distance from the sun. 

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