What causes burst ear drums?



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    An external cause for a burst eardrum is a head trauma such as a blow to the ear or an object penetrating the ear canal and penetrating the eardrum.

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    There are a few causes that can account for a ruptured eardrums, or a perforated tympanic membrane. They include:

    • An infection in the middle ear, which can cause fluids to accumulate. The pressure may be enough to burst the eardrum.
    • Barotrauma, when the pressure on the inside of your ear and that on the outside of your ear (the environment surrounding your ear) are severely out of balance. This sensation is common on airplanes and causes people to “pop” their ears, but pressure changes intense enough to rupture the eardrum could also be scuba diving or a blow to the ear.
    • Acoustic trauma causes a tear in your eardrum from an extremely loud sound or blast.
    • Foreign objects in your ear can cause a puncture or tear in your eardrum.
    • Severe trauma to the head could result in damage to the structure of your inner ear, causing damage to your eardrum.
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