What causes blood clots to form in the heart?



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    Blood clots occur in the heart for a different reason than most blood clots.  The atrium in the heart jiggles instead of beating in a standard manner, and this often causes stagnation of blood around the area.  When the blood is stagnant it may cause a clot.  Another common blood clot that occurs in the heart is when there is damage to the ventricle as often occurs after a heart attack.  In this case the damage causes area to contract irregularly which also can cause pooling or stagnation of the blood.  Once again, this leads to blood clots.

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    In people affected with atrial fibrillation, the atrium of the heart does not beat regularly.  As a result, blood tends to become stagnant along the walls of the atrium, which may cause small blood clots to form.  Additionally, clots can form in the ventricle if part of the heart muscle is injured and unable to contract normally after a heart attack.  Because this area doesn’t contract with the rest of the heart, the blood can stagnate, leading to a clot formation.

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    Our heart beats in a specific rhythm throughout our lives. Sometimes, there is a slight disturbance in this rhythm, owing to a variety of factors. This disturbed rhythm is the condition called arrhythmia. atrial fibrillation is the occurrence of such a disturbance in the rhythm in the atria of the human heart. The result is an erratic increase in the heart rate.

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