What causes the birth of identical twins?



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    Identical twins come about when, after being fertilized, an egg splits spontaneously. This results in the development of two separate fetuses, which will always be born as the same gender, with the same blood type, hair color, and eye color. For more on the birth of twins, see the link below.

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    Identical twins are also called monozygotic, meaning that they both developed from a single zygote (the first cell formed by the union of one egg and one sperm). Identical twins share the same genomes, which is why they look extremely similar. Fraternal twins develop from separate eggs and sperm, which is why they do not look exactly alike. 

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    Below is an interesting article about how identical twins, though similar in genetic makeup, can actually be quite different. According to the article, this ia a product of the external factors that affect gene expression. Aside from just the physical variation, supposedly there can also be changes within the DNA sequence as well. Just some food for thought.

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